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Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Trembucker 1N (PATB1n)

And the story i've recently mentioned at my PATB-3 review goes on with its brother for neck position; PATB-1N

Neck version of Seymour Duncan  Parallel Axis Trembucker 1

Let's see the technical measurements first...

Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Trembucker -1N (PATB-1N)

Magnet – Alnico 5

Advertised DCR: 8K Ohm (now- several years ago it was 7,5K Ohm) (Series)

Measured DCR: 7,32 K Ohm (Series)

Measured DCR: 3,70 K Ohm (Logo Coil)

Inductance: 3,65H (series), 2,25H (Logo Coil) ( @100Hz

Resonance Peak: 6,90KHz (advertised)

Measured C: -34,8 nF

Output: Medium Output

EQ (T/M/B) – 7/4/5 (advertised)

Wire Gauge: 42 AWG

I can easily summarize PATB-1n as a pretty modern humbucker with lots of clarity. It's like a baby of '59 and Jazz. Persantage of Jazz is much more i think, btw. It is bright as Jazz, but has some warmth of '59. It has more PAF-ish taste than Jazz but sounds more modern and balanced than ’59.

Want a confession? I never liked this pickup because of two reasons in the first couple of months; Split tone was a reason and I had missed my old neck pickup Duncan Pearly Gates when I remember my very Stratty neck split tone. 4th position of 5-way switch (neck split + Duncan SSL-1) tone was good, there's nothing bad to say about it. But its split tone alone was not what I enjoyed those days. I just couldn't like that. It was not bad but i used to like the way how Pearly Gates' split tone had been. The tther and more significant reason was about more personal preferance for neck humbucker tone. I didn't want a neck humbucker that has this much of clarity, those days. Same sh*t would happened if it would be Jazz or any other clear neck humbuckers.

Now? Well, i thought that PATB-1n could not stay longer than two or three months but today i look at the PATB-1n on my Hantug Titania guitar and see i have never touched a soldering gun to its wiring for straight 10 years and i must add too many pickups came and gone by ever since...

My PATB-1N reads 7,32K Ohm DCR value which is kind of a lower than advertised. And it's advertised official DCR was 7,5K Ohm when i could achieve it and today i checked and see it is updated to 8K Ohm. Odd? Maybe? But understandable. Remember my experience i told somewhere upside. People may like PATB-1N but want it to have more meat and so that more winding around 8K. I would not be surprised if that was the reason behind re-calibration.

Yamaha RGZ820R - Blues Saraceno Signature Model with PATB-3 and PATB-1n
Yamaha RGZ820R - Blues Saraceno Signature Model with PATB-3 and PATB-1n

Let's come to the recommendation part. If you have tremolo equipped guitar, more precisely a superstrat that has muddy neck tone or want clearer neck humbucker tone and want perfect alignment of pole pieces & balanced output and prounced clarity, yep, that's you are the one needs a PATB-1N.

P.S: Thanks to Mehmet Barlo (Dr.Barlo) for introducing this pickup to me. It's one of the most beautiful pickup I’ve ever tried because of him. Thanks to Scott Olson and Alex Semple from Seymour Duncan for achieving those great pickups.


Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Trembucker 1N (PATB1n)

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Parallel Axis Trembucker 1N Review (PATB1n)

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