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This is Baris. 

Fan of electric guitar, metal, rock, progressive rock, blues, fusion jazz and classical music, Star Wars & Lord of the Rings (books), The Alien, Marillion, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Frank Zappa, Warren Haynes, Savatage, Blind Guardian, Death, Fates Warning, Steve Vai, Jerry Donahue, Cream, SRV, Mogollar, Bon Jovi, 80s music etc. Official columnist for national paper print magazines between 2005-2016. Published many interviews of Seymour W.Duncan, Steve Blucher (Dimarzio), Lindy Fralin, Yuriy Shiskov, Steve Morse, Guthrie Govan, Bill Nash of Nash Guitars, Joe Satriani, Dave Weiner, Tony Macalpine, Alex Skolnick, Dream Theater, Ian Anderson, Tim Mills, Jörg Tandler, Erdem Koca etc. Other than interviews, published many guitar and pickup reviews and several technical articles about the electric guitar, especially on the modifications topic.


Fields of interest: First and only priority; my little daugther. After then, humble electric guitar modifications at home while once had a custom shop, electric guitar pickups and modifications and sometimes even winding them and, naturally, achieving more and more guitars. You can find Baris SAHIN on this website and my TJ Instagram;

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Want to Contribute?

Even though this page is my own project i always open for guest contributors. If you have a review to share, please contact me. Let's talk about it.

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